India’s First Ever Trend Insights and Forecasting Lab

VisioNxt empowers Indian fashion and retail industries by tracking future directions through systematic research of the changing consumption behaviour and evolving mindsets of people in the country by using big data, AI enabled tools and Emotional Intelligence. Funded by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India under the R & D Scheme, VisoNxt took seed at the National Institute of Fashion Technology as a research-led initiative.

Supported by a network of 800+ trendspotters across the country, industry experts, academicians and credible methodology, VisioNxt gives time-accurate, geo-specific trend mapping solutions. We periodically bring forth trend reports, consumer insights, and strategies for future consumers.

Experience The power Of AI

India exhibits a complicated geo-demographic and pluralistic socio-cultural ecosystem enriched with the history of thousands of years. VisioNxt uses artificial intelligence to analyse a large amount of textual and visual data in the Indian fashion and lifestyle landscape. Equipped with state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, VisioNxt generates insights from on-ground raw data (visuals and verbal) collected by our (trained) 800+ Trendspotters and (from) social space. (A well acclaimed team of domain experts from industry and academia applies their intelligence to contextualise the insights), (which is further deepened by the knowledge of domain experts and academia to nourish the insights with emotional intelligence). A unique human identity that the canvas of fashion imbibes makes it pertinent to view it from the lens of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

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“VisioNxt I believe is the much needed bridge between the present and the future of fashion, a smooth teleport of the fashion world from the world of physical to digital and eventually virtual powered by amalgamation of data and human insights. Insight drives ideas and ideas drive innovation and in that sense VisioNxt is at its core driving innovation. I wish team VisioNxt a glorious future full of opportunities and achievements.”

Mr. Vishal Kapoor, Chief Design Officer and Concept Head at Future Group, India

“I am pleased to be associated with the expert panel of VisioNxt, a visionary AI driven insights initiative of NIFT. Predicting fashion trends in an Indian context has to not only embrace the complexity that emerges from the country's cultural diversity, but also also the velocity created by the proliferation of digital technologies. This cannot be handled without the support of technologies such as AI. AI tools can help point to subtle differences that may miss the human eye, and thereby create new opportunities for designers to produce differentiated products that  could also make a global impact. I wish the VisioNxt team led by Dr Shalini Sud and Dr Kaustav Sengupta the very best in creating a vibrant India.”

Dr. Sudhir Varadarajan, Head, School of Interdisciplinary Design and Innovation, IIITDM Kancheepuram

“I feel this is really a great initiative. Infact, I can foresee the impact this initiative is going to make in the times to come and help create a mark for India in the global design industry.”

Mr Paul Sandip. Renowned Industrial Designer, recipient of the