Indian Fashion History

It’s the land of mystic realms, Vedas and diverse cultures. From the incandescent shimmer of the sand dunes of Thar to the rich groves of Gompa, its resplendence is spread across miles afar. Here, a smile in Pheran echoes the wilderness of valleys and a draped Mundu, the magnanimity of its inhabitants. It's the land synonymous with aesthetics, India.

With a legacy of its rich traditions, it boasts of its own principles of art and aesthetics. Be it in the realms of Rasa or answering the riddles of life, since time immemorial, the Indic system of art and fashion stands proud and different from its counterparts in the Western World. From originating in the Indus Valley to taking the center stage for adopting swadeshi during the Indian freedom struggle, fashion in India has time and again proved its relevance to the nation's interest.

Recounting the history of the magnolious art and attire of India is essential to comprehending fashion and trends from an Indian perspective. Walking down memory lane and exploring the covert networks and active players who helped shape the Indian fashion world is imperative to advancing our knowledge of its inner workings and offering guidelines and role models that could be duplicated in the present.

As we witness the Indian textile and apparel industry become one of the leading segments of the Indian economy, to watch it grow multifold and establish itself as one of the most creative and culturally significant industries across the world isn't less of a reality.