How We Work

At VisioNxt, we believe that in a pluralistic nation such as ours, only a holistic state of mind can truly bring in foresight that envisions the future. We strongly believe in ‘oneness’ and our goal to create a unique forecasting system that synergises Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Emotional Intelligence (EI) captures the same. We have developed a hybrid model to map emerging trends and forecast using an unparalleled deep learning model called “DeepVision'' which has been built over 54,000+ primary and 33,000+ secondary image data. Tested successfully, the data is backed by a first of its kind Indian fashion-wear taxonomy curated in-house, beholding over 60 indigenous and 40 western product categories.

VisioNxt is the only trend insights research lab in India that obtains this data through a network of over 800+ trained trend spotters spread across 16 cities in India that capture not just the mood, spirit and “everyday happenings” but also numerous emerging product details and DIYs through a unique ethical data aggregator mobile app. The VisioNxt spotters are trained using a distinct training module developed by us called “TrendOrb” which stands on 6 pillars of learning, namely, - Scan, Capture, Map, Cluster, Analyse and Present, in that very order respectively. This rigorous training process enables the trend spotters to see through a clutter of endless visual cues, and submit novel observations and findings. The continuous dialogue in our private social network channels ensure that we segregate ‘hype’ from ‘directions’ and map ‘shifts’ not only in fashion but also in the cultural and psychological space we operate in. Big data and “DeepVision” allows us to process this enormous amount of information on a daily into specific ever-evolving dynamic trend clusters.